New Appetite Suppressant Discovered by British Scientists


A chemical called hemopressin, a natural appetite suppressant, was shown to block areas of the brain that exhibit reward from eating.

According to researchers at Manchester University, this chemical could be used to help people stop eating purely for pleasure instead of to relieve hunger.
Dr. Garron Dodd, co-author of the findings in the Journal of Neuroscience, discovered that naturally-occurring hemopressin can relieve hunger without the harmful side effects of other dieting drugs, such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

Dr. Dodd ran tests on laboratory mice to measure the effect of hemopressin, and found that the mice that were fed the chemical ate less food. However, it had no other affect on their behavior. An identical group of mice which were given a synthetic form of the chemical also ate less, but experienced side effects such as increased scratching and grooming.

Scientists plan to investigate this research further. They believe their findings offer insights into how the brain controls appetite, which can be used to create and improve dieting drugs and obesity medicines.

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